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SCCPA Chapter Awards

It’s time to celebrate the work of our colleagues and profession around the state of South Carolina! 

Annual Chapter Awards 

Nominations will be open until December 2!

SCCPA offers fifteen annual chapter awards in three categories: Service, Programming and Professional Writing. We hope you will consider nominating any well-deserving colleagues for their work.
Visit our SCCPA Awards page to view all of the individual awards and submit a nomination!

Nominations for the SCCPA Board are now open!

Submit your self/peer nominations now to
Past-President, Katie Maxwell – [email protected]

The deadline for nominations is December 9.


Each elected officer shall be a current member in good standing of SCCPA and ACPA in order to run for office. Nominees for President-Elect must have held an elected or appointed position on the SCCPA Executive board within three years of being nominated or held an elected or appointed position for ACPA or held an elected position within a recognized student affairs organization.

President-Elect(2-year commitment, 2023-2024)
The President-Elect is an elected position within the South Carolina College Personnel Association (SCCPA) board and currently serves as part of the Presidential Trio. The main goal for this position is to provide support and oversight to SCCPA’s professional development initiatives and support the President in advancing their organizational goals. This position begins a two-year President cycle: Year 1 – President Elect and Year 2 – President.

Director of Membership Development (2-year commitment, 2023-2024)
The Director of Membership Development is one of the front-line members of the organization. The primary role for this position is to connect with constituents across the state of South Carolina and to build a membership strategy that increases our membership numbers and retention in accordance with ACPA’s and SCCPA’s Strategic Plans. The Director of Membership Development shall work with appointed board committee members to create meaningful membership and professional development experiences that enhance the profession and learning of SCCPA members.

Director of Marketing and Communications (2-year commitment, 2023-2024)
The Director of Marketing and Communications will coordinate with the Director of Membership Development for membership recruitment initiatives. The Director of Marketing and Communications shall work with elected and appointed board members to coordinate and promote current and future activities and services to members and external constituencies. These include, but are not limited to, website and technology, social media, electronic and print messaging (including all chapter newsletters and email communication), and advocacy.


Temporary assignments to appointed positions are also available. Selectees must be members of SCCPA or have an intent to join SCCPA immediately if appointed. Candidates for appointed positions will be contacted by the SCCPA President to discuss/interview for the position.

2023 Fall Drive-In Conference Chair (1-year commitment)
With strong support from the leadership team, the fall conference chair will lead a planning committee and coordinate all aspects of the fall conference which will be hosted in the lowcountry region of the state to uphold our commitment to a rotating program schedule to serve all areas of our state. The chair will be responsible for coordinating and documenting all logistics of the conference and will report to the SCCPA board regularly throughout the planning process. The successful candidate should begin duties immediately after acceptance and remain until all post conference details are completed.

Awards and Recognition Chair (1-year commitment)
The Awards and Recognition chair position is responsible for the following leading and coordinating the annual nominations and elections process for the SCCPA executive board and the annual SCCPA chapter awards process, including nominations, selection committee, physical plaques/certificates, and presentation at SCCPA events. This chair also serves on Hall of Fame committee to co-lead and co-coordinate the nominations and selection process for annual SCCPA HOF induction, secure physical plaques/certificates, and assist conference planning committee with the presentation ceremony. The chair also works with the executive board to submit Overall Chapter Awards (usually due by early November).

Equity and Inclusion Chair (1-year commitment)
The Equity & Inclusion Chair reports to the Director of Equity and Inclusion. The main goal for this position is to help provide support and guidance to the SCCPA board through educational programs and initiatives, and strategic partnerships with constituents across the state. The person in this role co-advises (with the Director) the board of SCCPA on matters related to historically minoritized populations in higher education, to ensure the organization is meeting the needs of a diverse membership pool. The chair is also an integral part of the planning committee for the annual Equity and Inclusion Institute held in the spring semester.

Interested individuals should send self or peer nominations to
Katie Maxwell at [email protected]
The deadline for nominations is December 9.

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